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March 4, 2009

Moomba: The Only Reason to go to Laval

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Written by: Barabosa
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When it first opened, Montreal promoters used to hold bets on how long it would take for Moomba to close down. Funny thing is, Moomba outlasted not only the clubs those promoters represented, but the promoters themselves! The fact is that Moomba redefined clubbing and introduced the supper club concept in the Montreal area.

The question is: What is the secret to Moomba’s success? I think it’s a combination of many things:

  1. Good food and good music
  2. Large, spacious and nicely decorated
  3. Free and abundant Parking: It’s in a shopping center, so that explains it
  4. Bouncers who actually do their job: You will never see teeny boppers in this joint
  5. Great shows and special events that are always out of the ordinary
  6. Great management and the ever-so sociable Jack

There are probably some other reasons that I’m forgetting or ignoring, but this place is all about Montrealing, even if it’s not physically on the island.

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