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April 14, 2009

Montreal Canadiens Journalists: Our local heroes

The follow up to my first post covering the people who cover the Canadiens has started. But before we go along and start the journalism, we must first identify these people we call our heroes. I thought I would post up their pic, but surprisingly their pictures are hard to find on the net. Another reason I want to post all their pics is to visually show the number of people who cover the Habs, people whose opinions have more airtime than the team performance itself. These individuals truly are superstars and deserve to be treated like superstars! As I cannot afford a cartoonist, I decided to duplicate my heroes and bring them to life in the form of Nintendo Wii characters. These individuals work for all types of different media and their work is mostly based on rumors and perceptions. Since they spend most of their time rating the Habs on their performance, we will do the same with them, based on the the following criteria.
  1. Shit-Disturber” Factor

Click on these Pictures and rate them solely based on your opinion or perceptions, no need to worry about facts, they don’t mind it.

Go ahead and vote!

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