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July 17, 2009

The Sports Station – Most booze for your buck

Stations Sports

This post was written by Jordan V.

Going out to drink and get absurdly drunk is a regular activity for many of us (…right?). Well there is one bar that I am pretty sure is among the most efficient places for that, rivaling even campus bars. The place is called La Station Des Sports or as many of call it: “Sports Station” and it totally fits the bill if your goal is to:

  • Not get dressed up
  • Eat a decent meal
  • Booze up
  • Enjoy the company of your friends.
  • Catch the game
  • Spend under 25$

Located right in front of Lasalle College on St-Catherine (corner of Fort and St-Cat), this place can accommodate a nice crowd. While it is a sports bar, you will quickly forget that because pretty much anyone from the area stops by for a beer or their awesome fish and chips. This is one of the few places I know where you can get a good meal and pretty drunk by dropping only 20$ and probably getting change back. The menu is pretty vast and the kitchen closes late and they also have a standard variety of beers to choose from. They even have a breakfast menu and the waitresses are pretty hot.

Ok, so the highlight of this place? You can buy a 4L pitcher of beer for $17,50, its practically a bucket of beer in your face and they clean the taps often enough so it doesn’t taste like rust. No it’s not a Happy Hour Special, or a seasonal promotion, it’s the universal law here; even during the recession. Another cool feature is that some tables have a beer tap built into it, I don’t remember what the deal with that is, whether you pay a flat rate or something but hell it’s a beer tap at your disposal!

The atmosphere is nice, hard wood décor, solid tables and chairs and big flat screens all around showing you whatever sports are happening at that very moment. In the summer there is a make-shift terrace that puts you in everyone’s way but you are protected by a rope-line; it’s actually not that great. But if you want to catch a game you should do it here; hockey games attract a nice enthusiastic crowd. For a casual beer with friends an off night can be just as fun because they don’t blast the music in your ears so you can carry a good conversation. As for logistics; it is located between Atwater and Guy Metro, a short walk from either.

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