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September 22, 2009

Peter’s Cape Cod – ‘Any fresher and the fish would be swimming to you’

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Having grown up in the West Island suburbs, the originality of restaurants around there was limited. What has especially bothered me was the lack of seafood places at affordable prices. When thinking about fresh seafood joints, La Sirene and Pêche Pêche generally comes to mind, along with the image of dollar signs.

However, Peter’s Cape Cod in Ste-Anne de Bellevue has been open for years and, despite the area’s seasonal wave of clientele, has managed to stay open through the vacancy in the winter times. The portions are generous and the freshness of their product is taken seriously. The Fish N’ Chips platter is definitely a favorite. I suggest you don’t try to be too health conscious and skip out on the fries, they’re some of the best I’ve tried!

Peter’s Cape Cod has a look that doesn’t scream overpriced. As good as the food may be, I highly discourage taking a romantic date there. The décor would make you believe a fisherman’s ship threw up all over the walls, but the tacky objects are worth putting up with for the giant terrace and view over the water.

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