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October 25, 2009

Sharx Downtown Montreal: A Haven For The Indecisive


At first glance the small entrance and innocuous sign would not lead anyone to suspect what truly lies below. Found hiding under the newly acquired Concordia building on the corner of Guy and Ste-Catherine’s is an extensive playground for those of varied interests.

The small entrance and cavernous main room downstairs gives the impression that you have found a niche, away from passing eyes on the street, in which to party and let loose. This particular venue is great in the way that it provides three fairly popular activities all in one area, at a fair price. For the group of friends that can’t come to an agreement, the person who can’t have just one or the attention deficit, this is your haven.

The kitchen is open until 11 and snacks are offered all evening. This isn’t your place for fine dining after the kitchen closes, but more for late night drinking snacks.

The pool and snooker tables are in decent shape and are hardly ever all taken. Except for the odd busy day, it’s quite empty. They are charged by an hourly rate so for the pro’s that’s good news and those of us who take an hour to finally scratch on the 8… well, we’d better go more.

The bowling area with its black lights and bar close at hand makes for a real party environment. The bowling itself is as would be expected except for the, some times, reoccurring technical issues with the scoring screens.
Don’t want to be around all the hustle and bustle on their busy nights? Two private bowling lanes are also available off to the side but for the extra price you aren’t offered much more service or any seclusion except for a single pane of glass between you and other players, somewhat putting you in the spotlight.

The lounge with its overview of the surrounding pool tables provides a decent area for socialization and leisure. The low height, leather sofas and chairs are fairly comfortable albeit somewhat tricky to manoeuvre into an upright position with. For those of us who’d rather sit at an angle greater than 30 degrees, the lounge bar is right there and stocked predominantly with what seems to be  barmaids of  mid-east origin who, depending on the day, may or may not speak your language of preference. ;)

Furthermore there is a VIP lounge with room for 50 people. This room comes with its own bar, pool table and couches and looks rather snazzy.

Service can be lacking in the pool and bowling section on quiet nights as they tend to under staff but in general it’s fair priced and well served venue.

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