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November 28, 2011

The 2011 Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

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Written by: Saro
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Montreal City at Night

It was long overdue, but here it is: the Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal, 2011 edition. All of these places have been compiled and put together by me, Saro, the self-proclaimed hookah king of Montreal. The 2009 list is here for your viewing pleasure.

My current favourite for the year? Café Hookah Lounge on St-Denis. You can catch me there every week or two enjoying a Green Apple + Mint combination, either with mint tea or a gin & tonic. The place is way too small, so make sure you go in early if you want to enjoy some hookah.

I haven’t been to every lounge on this list, so I welcome suggestions/corrections (including places I haven’t mentioned) to make this post up to date. In alphabetical order:

  • Al-Dar
  • Arabesque
  • Café Al-Dar
  • Café Boudoir (new)
  • Café Gitana
  • Café Hookah Lounge
  • Café Le Notre
  • Café Sphinx
  • Chez Zaza
  • Habibi Restaurant Café: I’ve been to this place once (first time). It was decent.
  • Lordia (Laval)
  • La Palma Resto-Café
  • Les Mentheurs
  • Les Nuits du Sahara
  • Restaurant Adonisia (Laval)
  • Rex Café
  • Sequoia
  • Sherazade
  • Taouk du Québec (Longueuil)
  • Toot Café
  • Volluume (Laval)

The following places are no more:

  • Kafein: I have no idea what happened, but they supposedly stopped serving shisha. If anyone has any news or clues, I would like to hear about it. My first guess is they weren’t licensed.
  • Orienthé: mentioned in the comments below by Lauren, this place no longer offers shisha.

What is your favourite place hookah/shisha lounge in Montrea