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October 30, 2012

Craving for some Montreal sushi? Two places that satisfy the thirst

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Written by: Saro
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There are only two places I enjoy my sushi in Montreal, and it’s not Kaizen or that other place that has the word “Palace” added at the end of its name. These places are probably known to many, but always underrated and overlooked. You don’t have to spend much to enjoy great sushi.

First place I recommend is Japon Sushi, located on the corner of Marcel-Laurin and Thimens. This classy place has never let me down when I had a craving for sushi. Their sushi quality, service and prices are always consistent. Japon Sushi has a great selection of popular sushi delicacies, not to mention the ever-useless “sushi pizza” that does not need to be ordered (anywhere for that matter). Regardless, if you’re in the city of Saint-Laurent and want a fresh bite to eat, Japon Sushi will not disappoint. Look for their TeamBuy discount coupon offerings to save some cash. From what I remember, a 22$ coupon was able to buy 40$ worth of sushi and save 10$ on wine. Once this offer returns, I’ll post the link up for everyone to benefit.

Second place I recommend (in case you’re downtown and don’t want to go to Saint-Laurent) is Ginger Sushi. You can find this little joint on Rachel and Pine Avenue, not too far from La Banquise. This place costs slightly less than Japon, and features the same quality you would expect from any respectable sushi restaurant. My favourite delicacy at Ginger would have to be their lobster & tempura concoction that is presented on a half-cut lime. I can’t recall the name of this work of art, but the waiter/waitress will know what you want if you say “lobster thing on a lime”. Since this restaurant is limited in terms of space, it’s best to make reservations beforehand.

There you have it folks: two sushi restaurants in Montreal that always deliver in quality, taste and price. Do yourself a favour and avoid those “fast food” sushi outlets that skimp out on the freshness. You now have two places in your Montreal restaurant arsenal for those sushi cravings.

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