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January 6, 2013

Hockey’s Back!

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Written by: clé de sol
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Woot woot!! Hockey is coming back!

All you could read on facebook yesterday were statuses from hockey fans who were excited about the season restarting.

It’s going to be quite a return after a 113 day lockout. No details are yet released about the tentative 10 year agreement, but we sure can’t wait for the season to begin!

Well most of us at least… the lockout left a lot of fans angry. Some say they are disgusted and won’t watch hockey this season. Others say the fans are the ones who lost in all this.

Although some may have broken hearts, I’m sure they’ll all be glued to their televisions once the games restart.

For now, let’s get the show started!! We have to fill up the sports bars again.

Bring out the Habs jerseys!!! I can hear it already… ole ole oleeeeeeeeeee




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