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January 21, 2013

Montreal’s Annual Igloofest – The 2013 Massive Outdoor Electronic Dance Music Festival

Igloofest 2013

Montrealers and tourists alike, it’s time to dress up warm because Igloofest is back in action. While I’m late announcing this crucial news, let’s all be glad that Sapporo is still sponsoring the entire operation and that they are not a tobacco company (else, it’s F1 drama all over again).

From January 17th to the 9th of February, electronic music addicts can enjoy hours of non-stop dance, techno, minimal, house, tech-house, trip-hop and progressive music. Some famous headliners include Josh Wink, Nico Sé, Paolo Rocco, G. O’Brien, Misstress Barbara, Miss Kittin, Moody Jones, Chris Liebing, Magda, Funkyfalz, DJ Sneak, E1000, Bobby Digital (visuals) and Brille (visuals). There are plenty of local and international DJs & VJs this year to sample, so don’t miss this show out.

Pricing is 20$ at the door if you’re the last-minute-planner-type person, but if you pre-purchase at a local store (Atom Heart, Off the Hook, Moog Audio, Belle & Rebelle, Plato, Priape and Hi–Montreal Youth Hostel) you can get them for 16$ a piece. online sales are 18.50$ per ticket if you’re lazy. Weekend and event passes are also available if you plan on partying four weekends in a row. Igloofest’s pricing page has more details.

The current known schedule and line-up at the time of this post is as follows.

Igloofest 2013Weekend 1 (details)

  • January 17
    • Sapporo Floor: Richie G, Wolf + Lamb, Misstress Barbara
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Brille, Baillat Cardell & Sons
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “Ghotiitout” Vincent Gauvin, Van Did , G. O’Brien, Omni
  • January 18: “Mutek @ Igloofest”
    • Sapporo Room: Stephen Beaupré, Kink, Mathias Kaden
    • Sapporo Room Visuals: Bobby Digital, VJ MA
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “Fur Trade Recordings”; Nico Sé, Cristobal Urbina, Romeo Kardec
  • January 19
    • Sapporo Floor: Paolo Rocco, DJ Sneak, Josh Wink
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Data Dada, Diagraf
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “Artbeat Présente Piu Piu”; Scott C, High Klassified, Kenlo Craqnuques

Igloofest 2013Weekend 2 (details)

  • January 24
    • Sapporo Floor: Alicia Hush, Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Bobby Digital, VJ MA
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “High Heels Prohibited”; Nymra & Sofisticated
  • January 25
    • Sapporo Floor: Pierre de Lux, Nina Kraviz, Pan-Pot
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Hugues Clément, Gridspace
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: Paskal Daze, Tone Depth
  • January 26
    • Sapporo Floor: Tronald Trumpo, Kaytranada, Tnght, Schlachthofbronx
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Chocobeets, Brille
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: Blokc & Groj, Milton Clark

Igloofest 2013Weekend 3 (details)

  • January 31
    • Sapporo Floor: E1000, Henward, A Tribe Called Red, Caspa
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Tind, Chocobeets
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: Kannibalen Records Showcase; Snails, Lektrique, Dabin, Apashe, Karluv Klub
  • February 1
    • Sapporo Floor: Vosper, Ewan Pearson, Magda
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: VJ MA, Baillat Cardells & Sons
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “Music is my Sanctuary: ‘UKG Takeover'”; Lexis, Dr. Love
  • February 2
    • Sapporo Floor: Chase & Patrol, Audifly, Agoria
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Data Dada, Cafrine
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: Hear, Fu Ancko & Nod

Igloofest 2013Weekend 4 (details)

  • February 7
    • Sapporo Floor: Taal Mala, Ben UFO, Joe Goddard
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Hugues Clément, VJ Zef
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “10Kilos.US”; Real Bossée, Tommy Kruise, Funkyfalz
  • February 8: “Osheaga @ Igloofest”
    • Sapporo Floor: The Gulf Stream, Oneman, Joy Orbison
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: VJ MA, Gridspace
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: “House Unlimited”; Mossa, Slap, Luc Raymond
  • February 9: “CLR @ Igloofest”
    • Sapporo Floor: Pulses, Tommy Four Seven, Chris Liebing
    • Sapporo Floor Visuals: Tind, Diagraf
    • Virgin Mobile Igloo: Jay London, Moody Jones


Credit: photos are from Igloofest.

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