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January 28, 2013

The Top 2013 Montreal Auto Show Vehicle Picks (and pics)

2013 BMW 335i

The Montreal Auto Show is already over as of yesterday, but the brands and models are here to stay. I’ve decided to post my top picks of the auto show this year with some cons and pros of the event. My overall favourite car? The 2013 BMW M5. Take a look at our Flickr stream for some pictures or scroll down below for our selected highlights.


  • No lineups before purchasing tickets for the show. The secret? I went on the last day (Sunday) ten minutes before the ticket booths close their doors for good.
  • Automobile manufacturers were a bit more lax letting visitors enter the pricier cars this year.
  • Salespeople/Dealerships were very friendly, especially the Rolls Royce’s representative.


  • Too many kids, especially the punks who think locking themselves in a high-end car and playing with the radio while text’ing won’t get them noticed.
  • Placing a cafeteria right before the main floor is a terrible idea. There were greasy hand and finger-prints all over the vehicles after people eat a greasy hot dog and don’t wash their hands. Yuck.
  • The event’s floor layouts are not always organized or efficient. Volvo and Kia at the very top and beginning of the show was a crappy experience. Why weren’t they just placed with the rest of the vehicles on the main floor?