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January 14, 2013

The Top 4 Irresistible Electronic Stores in Montreal and Laval

Top 4 Electronic Stores in Montreal

Here’s a short list of the top 4 recommended electronic stores found in Montreal and Laval. Now, these are not your consumer-based electronic stores that sell laptops, cameras or tablets. Rather, they are the outlets that sell capacitors, resistors, circuit boards, EEPROM programmers, integrated circuits and various other components. Electronic geeks will be thrilled to know that they don’t necessarily have to purchase their equipment and components from Digikey.

The electronic stores are ranked below in no particular order (in other words, whatever my brain decided to list first).

1. Accès Électronique (D.D.O.)

This little store used to be called D.D.O. Électronique until their name change for unknown reasons (new management?). Regardless, they are still considered an unknown outlet featuring a lot of unique electronic accessories and components. In terms of variety, they are limited to the popular stuff, but still feature a wide array of keystone jacks, resistors, cable management accessories and plenty of A/V equipment plugs and cables. Many West Islanders are finding this place out by word of mouth, mostly for fair-priced HDMI cables which are equivalent (if not superior) to the Monster crap you find at Future Shop.

Accès Électronique’s website

Address: 43b, boul. Brunswick, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9B 1P7
Telephone: (514) 421-2755

2. Addison Électronique (Montreal)

Addison Electronique LogoConsidered the grand-daddy of electronic component stores, Addison has been around since 1961 and features quite a selection. Compared to Accès Électronique, you’re more likely to find the special stuff here: CMOS chips, diodes, IC sockets and a wider selection of transistors and resistors, to name a few.

Addison Électronique’s website

Address: 8018, 20E Avenue, Montréal, QC H1Z 3S7
Telephone: (514) 376-1740

Maddison Electronique Logo3. Maddison Électronique (Laval)

While similar sounding to Addison Électronique, one might think these two companies are related, but they are not. Furthermore, do not confuse this electronic store with the steakhouse, as no meat will be for sale. Regardless, you will be very pleased with the selection of electronic components at Maddison.

Maddison Électronique’s website

Address: 382 des Laurentides Blvd., Laval, Québec. Canada. H7G 2T8.
Telephone: (450) 668-2755

4. Accessotronik (Saint-Laurent)

This last place needs to be considered as a last resort if you can’t seem to find that very rare component, as you will most likely never leave their store once you enter. Accessotronik is the mother of all electronic outlets, with gigantic inventory of everything and anything. Accessotronik most likely has the widest selection compared to any electronic stores, with a huge printed catalog and warehouse as proof. If you can’t find that hard-to-find piece at the other stores, these guys probably have it. You will also find the largest selection of laboratory equipment (such as soldering hardware or electrical circuit testing gear) at Accessotronik. The only downside to this place is their higher than average pricing, so get ready to pay a bit more for their offerings. They’re located just off of Highway 40 (close to Highway 13) with a rear entrance available for those who do not wish to drive over a broken down service road.

Accessotronik’s website


Address: 9305 Trans-Canada Hwy, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1V3
Telephone: 1 (800) 335-6050


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