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January 1, 2013

Watch for deer, Laval drivers warned

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A deer was killed by a car it tried to cross Highway 440 in Laval near the interchange with Highway 15, an area that normally hosts no wildlife. Transport Quebec patrols were alerted to four deer spotted in the area Tuesday morning and tried to locate them in an effort to keep them away from the highway.
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Montreal, Laval under snowfall warning

Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Montreal and Laval in light of the doozer of a storm that has hit the U.S. Midwest. The Gazette – News / Local


Epileptic seizure causes car crash in Laval

A man in his 30s was injured after losing control of his car when he suffered an epileptic seizure around 6:45 a.m. Saturday, Laval police said. The Gazette – News / Local


UPAC conducts fresh raids in Laval

The day after Laval’s ruling party dissolved, Quebec’s anti-corruption unit raided the party’s office and the home of a lawyer with close ties to the party. The Gazette – News / Local