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January 30, 2013

You Wouldn’t Abandon Your Baby…

Sophie's Dog Adoption

When my mom first said she wanted to bring home a puppy who’s family no longer wanted to keep him, the first words out of my mouth were “No way!” I did not want to have a dog bark all day long and dirty the house.

My mom of course decided to go see the puppy, fell in love and brought him home. Needless to say, that was one of the best decisions she made as Cookie has stolen my heart.

Aside from the fact that the previous owners lied to my mom about him being a puppy when in fact he was 10 years old, we later also found out that Cookie’s owners had not been taking care of his teeth and the poor dog now has so much tartar built up that he can barely chew with his front teeth. Cookie is the sweetest, most cuddly and loving dog I have ever met. He is full of love and you can’t help but fall in love. Each time you go home, he runs to the door, shakes his tail like crazy and jumps up and down.

However, had my mom not brought Cookie home, I would probably still be thinking “I can not have a pet in the house”. There are so many misconceptions about pets and how clean or dirty they are, how well behaved or how bad they are, how easy or how hard it is to take care of them, how they do or don’t get along with children and other animals… This is why we need pet owners everywhere to educate people. I’m not saying everyone should have pets at home, there are many other factors to consider, but we have to at least open people’s minds and bring it to their attention that pets need them to care. There are way too many pets being abandoned every day for as stupid of a reason as they don’t feel like taking care of them anymore.

Another thing I wasn’t aware of was the existence of non-profit organizations, sometimes run by one person or two, who spend their time, effort and energy in trying to save pets who have been abandoned, find them better homes, and fight for animal rights.

One such organization is Sophie’s Dog Adoption. The team is composed of Sophie Fournier, her son Rick, and Annie. Sophie has been saving dogs and placing them in homes since 1996. Once she rescues the animals, she gets them sterilized and vaccinated, and then puts them up for adoption. Her mission is to find the rescued dogs a “forever home” as she says on her website, and to find the perfect family for each one. Of course, she doesn’t just give the dogs away to the first person who is interested. She takes the time to screen the applicants to make sure that the dogs will not risk being abandoned again.

Instead of keeping the dogs locked up in a shelter until someone adopts them, Sophie has a network of foster homes where the dogs live and are cared for until they are adopted. You can apply to be a foster parent of a dog too if you wish to help:

Her website has successful placement stories, information about dogs you can adopt, stories about those who unfortunately could not be saved, tips and tricks to help you with your pet, and more. Just like she states on her website, adopting a pet is like adopting a baby and it should be taken seriously.

How you can help: organizations such as Sophie’s Dog Adoption need volunteers, funds and donations. She needs foster homes, she needs money for the sterilization and vaccination of all the dogs she rescues and she needs people like you and me to care and raise awareness! She also has a wish list on her website ( where she indicates things that she needs: laptop with wi-fi connectivity and a good battery, Cesar Melan’s DVD’s and or books, medium size dog cages, good quality dog food, dog toys and accessories, free or discounted vet and grooming services, etc. There are so many things I can think of that Cookie doesn’t use that can be donated. I’m sure you all have things your pet doesn’t use too.

I have been saying I want to put together a fundraiser for this organization for over a year now but simply can’t find the time to do it alone with my work and school schedule. If you are interested in helping, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I have also started a chocolate sale at my office to raise funds, and got my mom to donate a percentage of her jewellery sales to this organization. Although we have just started all this, I am confident that whatever amount we collect will help Sophie and her team achieve their goals.

No matter how small your donations are or no matter how little time you have to help, you can make a difference as long as you don’t ignore the cause (whatever it may be). Pet owners and pet lovers, UNITE!


To contact Sophie and her team:

(514) 523-5052

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