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March 1, 2013

Breakfast at Bellepro’s… Not Quite What You’d Expect


InteriorIf the idea of having breakfast at a Bellepro’s location makes you stay in bed instead

(just like it did for me), HOLD ON! Read the rest of the article, I promise it’s not what you




My mom (my private photographer) and I went to try out the breakfast at Bellepro’s in

Faubourg Boisbriand after hearing that the service at THIS Bellepro’s would be different

from what we would expect.


We walked in to a very nice decor, it did not look anything like a fast food joint, and we

were greeted by a waitress who assigned us a table. The first time my friend told me that people

who just have breakfast and people who want to order from the regular menu sit together,

I thought what does she mean? Where else are they supposed to sit? Well… she meant that

they have table service!


We sat down and got a menu with 5 long full pages of breakfast choices: omelettes, pancakes,

french toast, special house potatoes, waffles, and the list goes on…




The prices are very affordable, the plates are too full for one person to finish and

everything is delicious!

I’m very picky with my french toast but let me tell you that I was afraid to ask my mom if

she wanted to try a piece because I was not ready to share it!

Speaking about my mother… This woman will not go anywhere else but Galleria for breakfast.

No matter where I take her, she finds a reason not to like it. “Too expensive, not good, too

loud, Galleria sausages are better, service is slow”, etc. and etc. The only reason she agreed

to going with me was so I don’t go alone. Bellepro’s Boisbriand…I thank you and congratulate

you for passing the MOM TEST. She had nothing bad to say about this place.


Honnestly, everything was delicious. You have to try their special house potatoes and go there with an empty stomach.

Check out their facebook page for pictures of their lunch menu. They have mouthwatering choices.

So… where are you having breakfast this weekend?

3490 Des Grandes Tourelles, Boisbriand, Quebec J7H O2A


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