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September 4, 2013

Montreal Fun Facts #1

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Written by: clé de sol
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Montreal awesomeness #1:

Legal drinking age is 18 and we party until 3am!

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Montreal Fun Facts #2

The first organized ice hockey team was formed in Montreal… The McGill University Hockey Club was formed in 1879.
by clé de sol


Exploring, Partying, Shopping… Montrealing

Montrealing is a verb (even though my spell-check thinks otherwise). Just like jumping or swimming, Montrealing implies action – the act of exploring and discovering the city of Montreal. It’s anything that we can do in thi...
by Daniel Vosski


Welcome to Montrealing

Montrealing is all about Montreal city: restaurants, nightlife, clubs, lounges, bars, places to go, secrets, sports and more.