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January 13, 2014

Cook and Date Review


If you’ve seen my first blog about the Cook and Date events, then you know I decided to try it out. Yup, I gathered the courage to actually go.

My best friend and I decided we had nothing to lose so we registered for the Tropical Fusion Nights, paid and went.

We pulled up to the parking lot, started getting nervous, and said “what were we thinking? Let’s just go home!”… but we didn’t!

The event was held at Miele, a beautiful kitchen showroom and home appliance store (very expensive but BEAUTIFUL stuff).

Back to Cook and Date… so we finally walked in and were greeted by the lovely host and the drinking begun.

We were introduced to the few other ladies who were present and slowly all the attendees arrived. We kept watching out for when someone we knew would walk in, hoping it wouldn’t happen and surely enough, someone I knew walked in. As I always say, Montreal is way too small to be dating!

The start of the event was awkward at times. Of course, ladies were kind of hanging out together and the men sort of grouped as well, until one broke the ice and went over to talk to some of the ladies.

The wine kept pouring and we kept drinking so the chit chat part was getting easier.

The chef and her assistant finally walked in and all the attendees were asked to gather around the counter area and were paired up by the host. We were paired by her judgment of where she saw “sparks” or by the attendees’ private requests. The chef gave each couple a task like washing the vegetables, chopping, marinating, cooking, etc. I must admit that it was fun as we were all helping prepare the meal together, mingling and laughing, but if you’re planning on actually learning to cook something new, don’t bet on it!

After the preparation, came time to eat. We enjoyed our  crispy jumbo shrimps, our grilled vegetables with balsamic, olive and parmesan toasts, pasta and sausages. Then came time for dessert: limoncello simplicity strawberries and wine crusts. Like I said, don’t ask me how to make them but everything was delicious.

At the end of the night, we got to try something new and we had a good time.

If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s their website and a video they’ve prepared.

Have fuuun!



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