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February 11, 2014

Big in Japan’s Secret Bar

Big in Japan Bar

I love to try new places. Over the weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to try Big in Japan Bar which is different from Big in Japan restaurant apparently. We were excited to try it after reading all the great reviews.

Before I talk about the bar, let’s note that it was insanely cold in Montreal on Saturday night.

We get to Saint-Laurent, park close to where the bar is supposed to be located and start to walk towards 4175 boulevard Saint-Laurent. We get to 4177 boulevard Saint-Laurent look around, there’s no 4175! We walk up and down the street twice, cross over and walk up and down the street on the other side just in case we’re missing something… nothing! No 4175!

We finally ask a few people on the street who laugh and point us to a black door with no sign right next to 4177. Well it’s a secret bar alright!

Two people were standing outside; they start telling us that we have to wait outside until space is free inside and until someone comes to let us in. WHAT? Someone finally came to the door and let those two in. He asked us how many we were and we asked how long we were going to wait and “WHY ARE WE WAITING OUTSIDE WHEN YOU HAVE A HALLWAY??” It really was freezing outside. Apparently, their hallway area is included in the count towards their full capacity so they rather keep people freezing outside… Mmmm??…

So yes, there is a secret Big in Japan bar, but I suggest you wait until it’s warmer outside to try it because you will be required to wait outside. We obviously left and went to a Japanese restaurant called Imadake. Stay tuned!


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