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June 11, 2014

Montreal Museums


The first thing we do when we go on a trip is locate the museums of whatever city we’re in. Somehow, we forget that we have museums in our city too!

Here’s a list of our wonderful museums. Of course, these are not the only ones.

1- Biodome – a walk through our ecosystem

2- Planetarium – if you like space and astronomy

3- Botanical Garden – the name says it all!

4- Museum of Fine Arts – I could spend aaaalll day at this museum.

5- The Stewart Museum – “the  Stewart Museum celebrates the influence of European civilization on the  history of New France and North America”

6- Pointe-A-Calliere – “Pointe-à-Callière, a recognized national historical and archaeological  site, leads visitors through centuries of history, from the times when  Natives camped here to the present day.”

7- Museum of Contemporary Arts – loooove

8- Redpath Museum – history of life on earth and world culture (ethnological) artefacts

9 – Chateau Ramezay – explore more than 500 years of Montreal history

10- McCord Museum – museum of Canadian history

11- Insectarium – largest insect museum in North America… I dare you to try their insect snacks!

Oh the wonderful things the world has to offer… enjoy!


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