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2012 Montreal Shisha Master List

The Ultimate List of Shisha Lounges in Montreal: 2012 Edition

Time of the year again when the King of Shisha in Montreal (and now Laval) pleasantly smokes a bowl of shisha tobacco and writes up a list of lounges he likes & dislikes. This year, my favourite location to smoke hookah wil...
by Saro

Montreal City at Night

The 2011 Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

It was long overdue, but here it is: the Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal, 2011 edition. All of these places have been compiled and put together by me, Saro, the self-proclaimed hookah king of Montreal. The 2009 list ...
by Saro



The Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

Update: this list has been replaced with the 2011 Ultimate Montreal Shisha Places post. I currently have this little voting list going on in another post that you guys may want to check out. Currently, the best shisha place in ...
by Saro


Sharx Downtown Montreal: A Haven For The Indecisive

At first glance the small entrance and innocuous sign would not lead anyone to suspect what truly lies below. Found hiding under the newly acquired Concordia building on the corner of Guy and Ste-Catherine’s is an extensi...
by poe



Halloween Massacre

It’s PARTY TIME! If you are like me, you are already looking for a costume to wear this year. Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I get all dressed up every year even if I’m not going trick or treating (and no you can ne...
by clé de sol


element club 02

Montreal Clubbers To Welcome Two New Spots… On The Same Week-End!

For those of you who aren’t in the know, both CLUB ELEMENT and MUZIQUE NIGHTCLUB will be opening their doors during the weekend of October 9th! Let’s take a closer look at what both spots are aiming to deliver: •...
by T•REC


Bored on a Monday Night? Comedy Works Open Mic Night May Be The Answer

If you are looking something fresh to do downtown on a Monday night at 8:30 PM, Comedy Works on Bishop (corner of St-Catherine) has Open Mic Night, where your everyday person can have his shot at standup comedy in front of a c...


Stations Sports

The Sports Station – Most booze for your buck

This post was written by Jordan V. Going out to drink and get absurdly drunk is a regular activity for many of us (…right?). Well there is one bar that I am pretty sure is among the most efficient places for that, rivaling ev...


Time Supper Club

Time Supper Club for Ballers Only

What happened to saving your money and not spending it foolishly during the recession? It seems that I’m the only one who’s broke these days, as the higher-end clubs are packed with the rich and the wealthy, and Mon...
by Saro