I miss you, Mirabel International Airport



2013 BMW 335i

The Top 2013 Montreal Auto Show Vehicle Picks (and pics)

The Montreal Auto Show is already over as of yesterday, but the brands and models are here to stay. I’ve decided to post my top picks of the auto show this year with some cons and pros of the event. My overall favourite c...
by Saro

Top 4 Electronic Stores in Montreal

The Top 4 Irresistible Electronic Stores in Montreal and Laval

Here’s a short list of the top 4 recommended electronic stores found in Montreal and Laval. Now, these are not your consumer-based electronic stores that sell laptops, cameras or tablets. Rather, they are the outlets that...
by Saro



Craving for some Montreal sushi? Two places that satisfy the thirst

There are only two places I enjoy my sushi in Montreal, and it’s not Kaizen or that other place that has the word “Palace” added at the end of its name. These places are probably known to many, but always unde...
by Saro

2012 Montreal Shisha Master List

The Ultimate List of Shisha Lounges in Montreal: 2012 Edition

Time of the year again when the King of Shisha in Montreal (and now Laval) pleasantly smokes a bowl of shisha tobacco and writes up a list of lounges he likes & dislikes. This year, my favourite location to smoke hookah wil...
by Saro


Montreal City at Night

Laval Shisha Places: Bab El Hara and Omda Reviewed

Since I’m the self-proclaimed King of Shisha in Montreal, you can’t blame me for bringing you late news, especially since these places are in Laval. Regardless, I have discovered two new places for shisha/hookah lov...
by Saro



Sharx Downtown Montreal: A Haven For The Indecisive

At first glance the small entrance and innocuous sign would not lead anyone to suspect what truly lies below. Found hiding under the newly acquired Concordia building on the corner of Guy and Ste-Catherine’s is an extensi...
by poe


Juliette et Chocolat: Chocolate Paradise

Attention all chocolate lovers… paradise is right here in Montreal! Picture this: a hot chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream covered with melted chocolate. How about a big crepe filled wit...
by clé de sol



Garde-Manger in Old Port Montreal: If It Tasted Any Better, It Would Be Illegal

This review can be summarized with the following two words: lobster poutine. Eat your heart out, La Banquise. My good friend Dave calls me up two weeks ago; “Want to go check out Garde-Manger? I managed to secure a tabl...
by Saro



The House of Jazz – A feast for all your senses

As the name might give it away, the House of Jazz is all about the sophisticated side of jazz, down to the last detail. From the moment you walk in, you will notice the meticulous New Orleans’ interior decoration covering eve...
by Rita Pita