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Montreal City at Night

The 2011 Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

It was long overdue, but here it is: the Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal, 2011 edition. All of these places have been compiled and put together by me, Saro, the self-proclaimed hookah king of Montreal. The 2009 list ...
by Saro


The Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

Update: this list has been replaced with the 2011 Ultimate Montreal Shisha Places post. I currently have this little voting list going on in another post that you guys may want to check out. Currently, the best shisha place in ...
by Saro


Restaurant Lordia: Laval’s Only Good Resto

I’m never too keen to hit up a middle-eastern sit-down restaurant, even though I’m considered a middle-easterner and think like one. Usually, these places are ghetto, badly run-down and the food never tastes good. W...
by Saro



Montreal Needs Better Shisha Lounges

Is it just me or is every shisha/hookah lounge in Montreal a ghetto? What happened to smoking in a respectable atmosphere, such as Stogies or Whiskey Cafe? I don’t know about everyone else, but the majority of the lounges...
by Saro