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2012 Montreal Shisha Master List

The Ultimate List of Shisha Lounges in Montreal: 2012 Edition

Time of the year again when the King of Shisha in Montreal (and now Laval) pleasantly smokes a bowl of shisha tobacco and writes up a list of lounges he likes & dislikes. This year, my favourite location to smoke hookah wil...
by Saro

Montreal City at Night

The 2011 Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal City

It was long overdue, but here it is: the Ultimate List of Shisha Places in Montreal, 2011 edition. All of these places have been compiled and put together by me, Saro, the self-proclaimed hookah king of Montreal. The 2009 list ...
by Saro


Vote For Best Shisha Lounge

What’s the best shisha lounge in Montreal for you? I’ve listed a few at the bottom here, but obviously I can’t cover every single one. If the one that you want to vote on isn’t listed, leave a comment an...
by Saro



Montreal Needs Better Shisha Lounges

Is it just me or is every shisha/hookah lounge in Montreal a ghetto? What happened to smoking in a respectable atmosphere, such as Stogies or Whiskey Cafe? I don’t know about everyone else, but the majority of the lounges...
by Saro